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Needham will once again send a team to compete in a weeklong tournament  in Cooperstown, New York, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Needham’s team will compete at Cooperstown Dreams Park Baseball Complex. If you are receiving this email it is because you have a son or daughter registered as a Little League 12 year old  for the upcoming Spring baseball season and is eligible to be considered for this tournament team.


The tournament festivities will begin owith a skills competition and opening ceremony. The team will then play three days of  doubleheaders . After these 6 initial pool play games, the team will be placed in a single elimination tournament.

Teams will be staying in the complex at the Cooperstown Dream Park, in barrack-like accommodations with their teammates and at least two coaches. Meals and drinks are included, as well as laundry service for the kids uniforms etc. There are more than 100 teams in the complex each week from across the country, so this is a great opportunity for the kids to meet ball players from coast to coast. Families of participants often travel to the area and stay in nearby hotels or rental homes so they can be spectators to certain events at Cooperstown. There are many resources and reviews online covering the tournaments and the facility itself. Please see this website for more details on the complex and the overall experience for the kids:


The cost per player to participate on this tournament team, should your child be selected, is approximately $1,700. This payment covers the player costs and a shared portion of the coach and umpire costs. A first payment of $1,300 will be due within 2 weeks of team selection with the balance due in the summer. Team members will be expected to take part in fundraising efforts to help defray a portion of the costs. If your child is selected for the team, but must withdraw due to qualified injury or sickness, a refund is available. Team selection will be made in early November 2021.

The criteria for team eligibility and selection is as follows:

1.    All players who are registered to play as 12 year old in the Needham Baseball Spring season may register to be considered for the team. Anyone interested in coaching the team must notify the Summer Baseball Director (Victor Saratella).

2.    Players must be available for all practices beginning August 1 ahead of the August 15 ournament start date. 

3.    Needham Baseball and Softball has created the Cooperstown Committee which will oversee the team selection process which will be similar to the process currently used to select Little League tournament (WIlliamsport) teams. The committee  be comprised of

a.       Summer Baseball Director

b.       VP of Baseball Operators

c.       Director of Majors Division

d.     Majors AL and NL Coaches (one each)

4.    The Cooperstown Committee will evaluate all the players who have registered and select the first 10 members of the team. Selection criteria will include past tryout scores, recent coach evaluations, summer team participation and past all-star tournament selection. The team manager will be selected from the pool of coaches who expressed interest and have a child in the group that has been selected by the committee.

5.    The team manager will select the final 3-4 members of the team.


The tournament will be a wonderful experience for the kids to cap off their Needham Little League career.