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Sat Practice moved to 1000 am
by posted 09/24/2020

Hi folks: Saturday's practice is going to be moved to 10 AM and will go an hour and a half to 11:30 AM. Please let me know if you can't make it. Thank you

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Game Days and Wednesday
by posted 09/21/2020


Hi there:


Looking forward to our game tonight on what looks like another beautiful fall day.  In general, please have your kid at the field before games ready to go a half hour before game time. (So 5:00 pm tonight, as the game starts at 5:30).  This gives us a chance to warm up and allows me and Mike to confirm the line-up and talk to the team.


Also, please be sure your son does not wear cleats Wednesday night, as we are playing at Memorial, a turf field.  They can just wear sneakers.






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No change to 9/23
by posted 09/20/2020


Folks:  as a parent pointed out to me, we will not be changing 9/23 since its under the lights. 


Will let you know bout 10/1 nd 10/7. 



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Probably Change in Game Times
by posted 09/20/2020

Hello White Sox Parents-


Wanted to let you know that I am going to be requesting that the game times change from 5:30 pm/ 6:00 pm to 5:00 pm for all of the following games:






The reason being that we need the extra daylight.  I need confirmation from the coaches from the other teams, as well as the umpires, but I would say it is about 90% certain that we will be able to move them.  I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them, but wanted to give you as much as notice as possible. If you know that your son can't make an 5:00 pm start on any of those dates, please let me know. 


Please pencil the change in for now. 


-Thank you,

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No Practice this Weekend
by posted 09/16/2020

Hi All -


Nice win tonight.  Glad to see more kids getting involved in the offense and the defense.  Great throw to third Nathanial!


I'm writing b/c several parents asked me about a practice this Saturday, 9/19.  The practice on the website is for the following Sat, 9/26.  We will not be having any practices b/c of Rosh Hashana this weekend.


Take care, and we'll see you next week. 



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Correction - Game is at Small Field at Defazio
by posted 09/13/2020

Dear Parents:


My apologies - the game is as Small Field at DeFazio today, NOT Newman 1 as I said.  See you all at 4:15 pm.



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Game Today
by posted 09/13/2020

Good morning:


Just a friendly reminder we have a game at 5:00 pm at Newman 1 today.  Please have your child there by no later than 4:15 pm so we can hand out the uniforms and have time to warm up a little.


Muchos gracias,



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